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  • SIR HENRY IRVING IS DEAD, Sudden Collapse At The Midland Hotel, Bradford

    SIR HENRY IRVING IS DEAD, Sudden Collapse At The Midland Hotel, Bradford

    Bradford, Daily Telegraph, October 14, 1905 SIR HENRY IRVING DEAD, SUDDEN COLLAPSE AT THE MIDLAND HOTEL, PATHETIC END OF A GREAT CAREER PROPHETIC LAST WORDS ON THE STAGE  “Into Thy Hands, O Lord.” Sir Henry Irving, was the greatest actor of the Victorian age and thought of by Gladstone as his greatest contemporary.  He transformed the theatre [...]

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  • Bram Stoker

    Bram Stoker

    Bram Stoker (1847-1912), Irish theatre critic and author of the Gothic horror novel Dracula (1897). Abraham “Bram” Stoker was born on 8 November 1847 in Clontarf, a suburb of Dublin, Ireland,. He was the third of seven children–William Thornley, Mathilda, Thomas, Richard, Margaret, and George–born to Charlotte Mathilda Blake Thornely (1818-1901) and Abraham Stoker (1799-1876), [...]

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  • “Turned Out Nice Again” George Formby

    “Turned Out Nice Again” George Formby

    George is a lad after our own hearts – as homely “as they mak ‘em.” By 1939, George Formby was the most popular and highest paid entertainer in the British Isles and was estimated to be earning over £100,000 a year. The secret of his success was a unique combination of personality, natural ability and [...]

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  • Doctor Livingstone, I presume?

    Doctor Livingstone, I presume?

    The famous Victorian explorer  Henry Morton Stanley, and his wife Dorothy stayed at the Midland Hotel on the 14th and 15th of May 1891.   On the 14th of May, Morton Stanley, gave a lecture at St George’s Hall. MR STANLEY IN BRADFORD Bradford Daily Telegraph, May 15, 1891 “TWENTY THREE YEARS IN AFRICA” In St. George’s Hall [...]

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  • Laurel & Hardy

    Laurel & Hardy

    In July 1952, the Telegraph & Argus published a photograph of the famous comedians Laurel and Hardy taken in the Midland Hotel.  The beloved pair were appearing at Bradford’s Alhambra Theatre. A reporter for the The Telegraph and Argus went to see Laurel and Hardy at the Alhambra on the 28th of July; here is what [...]

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  • J. B. Priestley

    J. B. Priestley

    Bradford: A ‘Lost City’ 1958 Photo: “JB Priestley sitting in his room at the Midland Hotel phoning up his old pals.” Priestley was born in Bradford in 1894 and his literary output over his long life was huge. The Oxford Companion to English Literature describes him with a series of interestingly contradictory epithets: “…cosmopolitan Yorkshireman, professional [...]

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  • Lord Salisbury

    Lord Salisbury

    Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury (February 3, 1830–August 22, 1903). “English policy is to float lazily downstream, occasionally putting out a diplomatic boathook to avoid collisions.” Luncheon At The Midland Hotel. Lord Salisbury made his second public  appearance in Bradford on 22nd of May 1895.   It had been 18  years prior, [...]

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  • John Le Mesurier

    John Le Mesurier

    John Le Mesurier (born John Charles Elton Le Mesurier De Somerys Halliley; 5 April 1912 – 15 November 1983 When John  played in the, Dad’s Army : The Stage Show, February – August 1976 at the Alhambra he stayed in the Midland Hotel. He is most famous for his role as Sergeant Arthur Wilson on the popular [...]

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  • John Duke Coleridge, 1st Baron Coleridge

    John Duke Coleridge, 1st Baron Coleridge

    Lord Chief Justice Coleridge and his Lady wife booked into the Midland Hotel, Bradford,  June 9th 1893. Whilst travelling, Lord Coleridge caught a chill and fever subsequently set in. Unfortunately it was too late to let the public awaiting the silver tongued Lord’s address, know of his illness.    The large crowds that had  gathered [...]

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  • Marquess of Lorne, 1892

    Marquess of Lorne, 1892

    John Campbell, 9th Duke of Argyll, was resident in  the hotel in March 1892,  where under his doctors advice  was confined to his bed for some time due to illness.  He evidently was non the worse for his confinement,  returning in May 1893 as the guest of honor at the Liberal Unionist Association annual dinner. [...]

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