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  • Midland Railway – 1898

    Midland Railway – 1898

    The Windsor Magazine, 1898: “The Midland Railway leads where  the others follow.” Although it was in 1859 that the Pullman car was first used in America, it was sixteen years later before that convenienct invention made its debut upon our British railway system. Sir James Allport,  then General Manager of the Midland Railway,  made a [...]

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  • Sir Matthew William Thompson, Bart.

    Sir Matthew William Thompson, Bart.

    Matthew William Thompson – Baronet (February 1,1820- December 1, 1891) It is to Matthew Thompson, Chairman of  Midland Railway Company, we can thank for his influence in the planning and building of the Bradford Midland Hotel and New Station. DEATH OF SIR M.W. THOMPSON,BART Bradford,  Daily Telegraph, December 2, 1891 Yesterday afternoon, Sir Matthew William [...]

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  • Charles Trubshaw, Architect

    Charles Trubshaw, Architect

    Charles Trubshaw Victorian Hotel and Railway Architect. Charles Trubshaw, (1841 –  1917) Charles was born in to an architectural family, the son of an architect also named Charles, who was to be the source of his primary education.  Charles Senior was the architect and surveyor to the county of Stafford. Charles the younger was to [...]

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  • Terrible Accident At The Midland Station

    Terrible Accident At The Midland Station

    A Man Crushed To Death Bradford, Daily Telegraph, December 15, 1894 Shortly before five o’ clock this evening a shocking accident happened at the Midland Station, Bradford. A train was steaming into the station when a man was observed to step from a carriage. He lost his foothold, slipped between the carriage and the platform, [...]

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  • Esholt Junction Disaster, 1892

    Esholt Junction Disaster, 1892

    The Esholt Junction rail crash occurred on Thursday 9 June 1892, at the point at which the Wharfedale Line from Ilkley divides, one branch in the direction of  Leeds and the other Bradford, a short distance after Guiseley railway station. Two trains collided at around three thirty in the afternoon, resulting in the deaths of [...]

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  • Distinguished Scholar’s Tragic End, 1907

    Distinguished Scholar’s Tragic End, 1907

    The 13th of August 1907, was  a day James Russell would never forget… The 42-year-old foreman plate-layer for the Midland Railway Company was heading home for his dinner, as was his usual practice.   As made his way through the old tunnel  he came across the badly injured body of the distinguished Rev. Henry de Beltgens [...]

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