Lord Salisbury

Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury (February 3, 1830–August 22, 1903).

“English policy is to float lazily downstream, occasionally putting out a diplomatic boathook to avoid collisions.”

Luncheon At The Midland Hotel.

Lord Salisbury made his second public  appearance in Bradford on 22nd of May 1895.   It had been 18  years prior, that he last visited, to open Henry Ripley’s  Convalescent Home at Rawdon.  On this present occasion he had the good fortune to be entertained to luncheon at the Midland Hotel.   One can only wonder if the meal would have been even more satisfying, if he had known that he would in one  month and one day be elevated once again to lead the country as Prime Minister.

The Resignation Of The Ministry

The Earl of Roseberry on the 23rd June 1895 resigned the government before Queen Victoria. The Queen accepted the resignation and summoned the opposition leader, Lord Salisbury to Windsor to formally offer him the position of Prime Minister.   It would be Salisbury’s 3rd term of office. In 1902, tired and frail, Salisbury resigned. He retired to Hatfield, dying there thirteen months later in August 1903. Salisbury had been one of Britain’s longest serving Prime Ministers, yet today he is little remembered.


Periods Of Office.

July, 1885–February, 1886
August, 1886–August, 1892
June, 1895–July, 1902

Salisbury believed the role of government was to maintain and extend individual freedom, and to avoid interfering in social and economic affairs. He also advocated self help: ”No men ever rise to any permanent improvement in their condition of body or of mind except by relying upon their own personal efforts.”